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Sunday, November 13, 2011

#10 - 12

#10 the Blessings of extended family -

Both Norm and I are so fortunate to have amazing family members . . . we love our family adventures of all kinds . . .

from Roller skating parties with the Driggs family and Klein family
to family vacations in the Morawetz family condos and cabin
family reunions and the the bringing together of cousins from far and near.

Here's just a sample of our family -

DSC09179 kk rd sh
(Morawetz family in Oceanside California - 
just missing Dustin and Cami and Matt and of sadly . . .  Cole)

#11  The economy has been unusual to say the least for the last several years.  It's effected us in many ways that we struggle with on a daily basis as I'm sure it's had an influence in your life as well.

for one aspect I am grateful . . . . it's allowed all three of my married children to purchase homes this past year.  All three purchases have been exciting events that we have celebrated along with them.  It's been fun to see their choices as each has entered into their own unique home that is just right for them.

Cory & Sara - nearby in Salt Lake City Utah
Karianne & Greg - in Hilliard Ohio
Dustin & Cami - in Raleigh North Carolina

#12 - On a more worldly note . . .

I have to admit . . .

I am thankful everyday for my Macbook  - we have a very special relationship!
ღ˛° 。* °♥ ˚ • ★ *˚ .ღ 。


Sue said...

I'm kinda fond of my little mac, too.


PS. It's exciting that your kids got homes!
PPS. You fam looks like a fun group.

susette said...

Blessing abounding all over the place in your neck of the woods. I love it. Family is priceless!!

Kenzie said...

thats hilarious, i grew up in Hilliard! I actually still live nearby (:

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