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Monday, November 7, 2011

Reflections on Gratitude

It's my own fault . . .

I love my life and hesitate to miss out on any opportunities . . .

Thus leading to me to experience ofttimes a very trying day, certainly not an uncommon situation as every day -

  • I don't get nearly enough sleep
  • I have too much on my plate
  • the Dr. called and wanted to start my daughter on heart medication
  • and I'm taking care of a dog who is slowly dying of cancer

And as I frequently do when feeling totally overwhelmed and ready to crash . . .

I've found that hymns have a way of uplifting me, helping me put things in perspective and inspiring me to have a better attitude.

Serendipitously the hymn that came to mind this day was
"Count your Many Blessings"

How is that!??  It just popped into my mind . . . just exactly what I needed to hear.  And as I reflected on the words . . .

It leads me to #'s 5,6.7  of my month of
Attitude of Gratitude

#5  I'm really grateful for 11  years with my beautiful yellow lab Cleo.  
She is lovely and never is far from my feet.  She has the most adoring personality and is always (almost) obedient.  (unlike her black counterpart . . .)

So I am grateful for 11 wonderful years with our sweet Cleo girl.

I Heart Faces-3

#6  Sometimes jobs can be SOOOOO frustrating!! (exclamation point!)
But in reality I am very grateful for my job . . . it's NOT my life . . . but it does make my life possible.  I'm grateful for the new addition of a Diet Coke soda fountain at work . . . sometimes it saves my life :D

I'm grateful for my schedule that allows me to spend two full weeks with my family of uninterrupted time every month.  Time I can now travel to see my kiddies (and grand baby cakes) since they are living clear across the country now.  I'm grateful for covered parking, especially since it looks like SNOW outside today!  And most of all . . . I'm grateful for the many good people I work with that make it all worthwhile.

spring 2011-7 kk fus
(too many hats . . . frequently we just wear too many :)

#7  I would be so lost without my wonderful neighbors and friends who serve with me in my church calling.  I am the most unorganized person - can you say "governance by sticky note"  . . .

And they put up with me and help with every single thing that needs to be done, frequently on the spur of the moment.   They provide such uplifting council, encourage me always, and fulfill their own responsibilities with great inspiration.   I am indeed grateful for them and they make my life so much less complicated because of their service.

And while I'm on a roll (and have a minute to my name . . .)  let's do tomorrow also . . .

#8  I'm grateful for a miracle in my life on a regular basis.  The miracle is that somehow my Heavenly Father manages to stretch my time each day, he augments and magnifies the hours that I might accomplish the work he desires me to do. 
He does . . . I don't know how . . . but I'm grateful . . .


Pedaling said...

my 14 year old lab is having a hard time. Not a fun time, but I too am grateful for what a wonderful friend and part of the family she has been.
Count your many Blessings.

Julie said...

I really enjoyed reading this post of gratitude. It helped me take a long look at my own blessings. Thanks. :)

Sue said...

Sorry to hear about your clearly beloved pet, and I hope all is well with your daughter.

Having said that, I think you're right. You ARE blessed. (Which just reminded me that I am too.)



M-Cat said...

I'm loving all the grateful posts that I am seeing out there in bloggy world. Makes me reflect on my own blessings and I should probably be better about expressing them.

Watching my beloved golden lose her legs and eventually having to put her down was one of the hardest things I've had to do, but I most grateful for my memories of her and her friendship for her time on this earth.

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