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Friday, January 20, 2012

Looking Ahead 2012

I did the year in review . . .

and now

Looking Ahead  (part 1)
to what's up in


We start the year off with big plans . . . towards the end of 2011 we made the decision to enact a major lifestyle change.  We thought we would be here in our Alpine home forEVER - well . . .
NEVER say NEVER . . .

With half our children living not just outside of Utah, but clear across the country . . . . (I guess it could be worse, in todays employment / housing / school market it is not unusual to be scattered around the WORLD . . .) we have decided that WE need to be more mobile.  It's very difficult for these young families to come to visit us, taking time off of work and school.  Also airfares keep going up and up  . . .

So we are preparing to sell our Alpine home and make a major move for us to a town home in nearby Highland Utah.  A simpler lifestyle and allows us the funds to travel for visits AND to gather our family all together at least once a year.

So we are busy simplifying already, clearing the clutter of the last 15 years.  It's a project!

If anyone is looking for a home in Alpine - you can find all the info online at Zillow.  It will also be available on the MLS beginning in March.

We have a little updating to do to get the home ready for the real estate market - but Norm is already busy tearing out carpets, repainting and taking boxes of donations off to the thrift stores.


This is just one of our projects . . . trying to get this room back to a more neutral status :D

Anyway - on to another topic . . .

What's on your reading list for the New Year??

I have a pile already!


Between the books I've been piling up on my nightstand and my

Kindle Addiction 
(anyone else have one of those?)

I really have my reading stacking up already for the year.

Let me just put in a positive note for a particular author who is a cousin of mine -
April Christofferson!

She is amazing - if you like the John Grishamy, Robin Cook sort of adventure - somewhat medical / law / scientifically based novels - you will REALLY enjoy her!    Start with "Clinical Trial" it's my favorite!

So for 2012

We're off and running

at full speed  . . .

of course!

One things for certain . . . there is always more to come!


Sue said...

Wow, a move! And sorta outa the blue.
Hey, more power to ya...It's something we sometimes think of doing, too.

And yes, I have a Kindle addiction. Big time.


PS. Neat that your cousin is an author!

Andrea said...

Moving is always an adventure! It sounds like this one will be great for you guys. As for what I'm reading in 2012...my pile is at least as big as yours. I'm not sure where to start yet. :D

mCat said...

Totally with you on the kindle addiction! And you are living my dream - sell the house, get a small condo and travel.

Mommason Hillary said...

come back home to us - we love and miss you. We'll kick someone out of their home so you can have it! (:

Latter-daycrafters said...

You definitely have a wonderful family! You are very blessed!

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