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Monday, January 9, 2012

The Year in Review . . .


It was a

very good year and we are grateful . . .

Each year is always filled with an annual adventure of ups and downs
but we can't complain as our ups seem to always outweigh the downs

Reflecting back . . . this was the year that - 

  • Dustin & Cami purchased their first home in Raleigh NC!
  • Norm traveled to Raleigh to help Dustin & Cami with their move
  • Cory & Sara purchased their first home in Salt Lake City
  • Norm helped them build a new shed and replace the roof on the home

  • Karianne, Greg and Addision lived with us through August of this year.
  • Karianne and Greg bought their first home in Columbus Ohio
  • (The financial downturn has been rough - but enabled three of the kids to get into homes!)
  • Kelsie got into Nursing School!
  • We had our FIRST grandbaby - Addison sweetheart!

  • I survived my 2nd year as Relief Society President - yay!
  • Enjoyed a family vacation to Lake Powell with Norm's family
  • Visited Oceanside CA with the Morawetz family and stayed on the beach for a week!
  • Norm's father passed away in November
  • Found out Cory & Sara are expecting a baby BOY - 2nd Grandbaby!!

  • Norm and I visited LDS and American historic sites back East with my parents!
  • I was spoiled - and visited Karianne and baby Addision in Ohio a lot!
  • We unintentionally simplified our Christmas! (No lights, no Christmas cards, the unbaked neighbor treats are still sitting on the cabinet!)
  • We lost our sweet Cleo girl to cancer  - she was our sweetheart dog of 11 years . . .
  • We decided it's time to downsize  in 2012 and find something more easily maintained . . .

WE have much to look forward to in 2012

So . . . .

On with the show!!


Yvonne Kirby said...

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Sue said...

What an eventful year! Mostly good, some less than good, but all of it lived by a wonderful family.


Momza said...

What a year! Isn't it nice to see your children blessed in so many ways? Love that.

mCat said...

Love the reflection of the year. So many good things for your family. And while, I am sure there were tough ones, you chose to focus on the good. Love that

Victoria said...

You had a wonderful year! I did too. :) It seems to get crazier all the time, doesn't it? And there seem to be trials to help you appreciate the blessings as well.

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