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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

And the Holiday Season begins!

It's the most wonderful time of the year . . .

No pumpkin carving this year . . . But still pretty festive :)
(no pumpkin carving this year - but still a festive Halloween!)

It sounds like an early Christmas carol . . . but no!  It's just that starting with Halloween, it's just one big block of festivities from now until the end of the year.  In fact!  We have a big celebration going on at our house tomorrow because . . .

(drumroll . . .)

❄。 ¨¯`*✲ ´*。. ❄¨¯`*✲。 ❄*´*。 ✲O.

Dustin arrives tomorrow (assuming his flights are not delayed by the closure and cancellation of all the many storm impacted flights of the East Coast) ((crossing our fingers, our toes, our eyes, and our noses . . . well, maybe not our noses . . .))

Yep, Dustin is coming for a visit, Kelsie will be home for the weekend and we have some FUN events planned!

Just a little catching up . . .

(enjoying the new cute little office space :)

So we are in, almost settled, most of the boxes are unpacked, I still have one room to organize quickly tomorrow (the guest room - and we are expecting a GUEST) so I better get up early and get going.

Finally - TODAY, after about 6 weeks since moving in . . . we finally have our REAL internet up and going and it's so nice! And tomorrow - TV . . . we'll feel so excited to have a little TV and internet back in our lives. It's crazy how much your activities, work, communication, finance is tied to these silly computers!

So . . . I"ve had a few complications with my complications . . . my oral surgery of 12 weeks ago has ended up with complications and some of it must be redone . . . Boo!  So sad . . . it will delay the healing for another 6-8 months  - darn it!  Craziest thing . . . . at a routine dental exam they discovered I had a slow growing infection that somehow asymptomatically had destroyed the bone tissue between my top four front teeth and my  nose . . . see I told you it was crazy!   It's resulted in a remodel basically of the front part of my mouth.  (not pretty . . . bone grafts, implants, temporary bridges, soft tissue grafts - see I told you it wasn't pretty .  . .)

I keep telling myself . . . "count your blessings" of which I have many! And "look on the bright side" - because it's so difficult to eat, I've lost about 16 pounds - not bad!  Since I had that much plus a little more to actually lose . . .  :)  I don't really recommend it, and I'm getting a little tired of soup . . . but I'm grateful for modern medicine, some excellent doctors, and the fact that truly it hasn't impacted my life . . . I'm just a busy as ever :)

In fact just loving the fact I can visit these cutest, most adorable grandbabies!  Just returned from Ohio, and in November Norm and I will be traveling to Denver and once again to Ohio!  So grateful for family, the opportunity to visit with them all within 30 days in November!  What a blessing!

(Did I mention that I'm just so crazy about these two?? - OoOoo! I did - yeah . . .)

OOoooOo! And in other news . . .

Norm and I are the newest teachers of the Sunday School class for the 17 year olds.  I'm grateful for an opportunity to serve with my hubby!  We've been so frequently in totally separate wards (almost) these last years . . . so this is a great blessing! And coming in and teaching from 3rd Nephi right now . . . it doesn't get any better than teaching from my absolute favorite scripture verses.

And the 17 year olds . . . they will be missionaries before we know it!


That's it for the moment . . . but hang on there's surely more to come :D


Sue said...

Sorry to hear your surgery has developed some issues. That happened to my mom with her implants, too, but all is well now. It's hard to take more time healing, I know.

Your place looks great, glad you are enjoying it. Your decorations remind me that I need to get my Thanksgiving ones put up!


Greg and Karianne said...

Love your office! Especially that chair :)

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