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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Just Because . . .

Just because . . .

We are in the midst of a move after creating (I call it creating because now that I'm seeing the finished project, I realize that we were totally creating an atmosphere and home special for our circumstances, wishes and desires at this time in our life) a new home . . .

And in the midst of unpacking and trying to organize chaos . . .

And just because we are "off celebrating" our 32nd anniversary which occurred amidst all the madness . . .

I am referring you to my previous

General Conference 
(Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints)

posts!  Where you will find the to-die-for cinnamon roll recipe . . . all my warm snuggly conference memories and expectations . . .

Of General Conference and Cinnamon Rolls (2011)

Autumn Ramblings of General Conference (2010)

I must admit we are experiencing a different kind of General Conference this year than ever before.  Usually the days arrive with the gathering of family all around.  This year I know that Cory & Sara will be watching with darling baby Jonathan from Denver, CO . . . Karianne & Greg will be watching with toddler baby Addison from Columbus, OH and Dustin and Cami with be watching while cuddling with the grandkitties,  princesses Her Highness Lexie and Her Royal Highness Princess Sophie all the way across the country in Raleigh, NC!

And what about Kelsie!??

  Yes, she gets to come from college for the weekend to our little anniversary retreat to watch the conference with her mom and dad, we feel so blessed to have her! (Funny story - she says, "Won't I be intruding on your together, anniversary celebration"?  To which we replied, "right now everyday is a together day!  And a day of celebration - so please come"!)

(And she did . . . and we shopped :)
((And she brought - Mint Oreo Cake Balls - sooooo yummy!  I think we have us a new General Conference tradition!!)

So  . . . while the conference food will be totally different this year, (sadly no cinnamon rolls-to-die-for) we have the same snuggly blankets and pj's, and more importantly . . . the Spirit will be the same, no matter where you partake.  We are looking forward to hearing the special messages prepared for the earth today from the Prophets of the Lord here on the earth in this the latter days.

For more information or to watch online, you can click this link - or the photo below.

October 2012 General Conference

Come listen to living prophets

Oh my goodness . . . it turned into a post after all . . .

So from our scattered family to yours - enjoy this special season of the year :D

(I just may have snagged these cute photos from the FB pages, blog posts and Google+ sites of all these adorable people!)


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