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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Of General Conference and Cinnamon Rolls . . .

It's that amazing and inspiring time of year rolling around again . . .

Every 6 months, every Spring and Fall the anticipation begins to build as our family takes the weekend off from our normal schedule of activities for the upcoming LDS General Conference weekend.  It's a tradition in itself with the anticipation rivaling a Christmas morning.  The best part is I know that my family scattered now around United States makes the same plans for breakfast in PJ's, snuggling on the couch with quilts and blankets, listening to General Conference (thank you to the LDS church for an internet broadcast!).

It's a time we can gather together, family, friends and neighbors are invited, for the feeding of both body and soul.  The nutrition of the mind and body are of equal importance at this time . . . so I'm planning my General Conference menus today!  The one recipe that is always on the menu are the morning General Conference Cinnamon rolls!  If you don't have this recipe - you NEED it now!  The recipe is meant to be started the evening before - but I do it the morning of all the time also.

Then comes the nourishment of a spiritual nature, peaceful feelings, confirmations of the spirit, answers to questions pondered, and even the words of reprovement leading to thoughts of self improvement.  It's all part of the package deal. I love that this frequently leads to stimulating family conversation, testimonies of our Savior, gratefulness for modern prophets who testify of gospel principles that apply to us each day.

Pajamas, quilts, cinnamon rolls, yummy family gathering . . . yes, I think we all look forward to this family time, and every family time . . . because of our knowledge that we can be a forever family.  What could be sweeter?  Not even those cinnamon rolls :D

But hmmm . . . pondering the rest of the menu . . . thinking crock pot, maybe pulled pork . . .

Would love to hear what your family favorite recipes are!! ??

Wait!  I think I'm hearing a little  . . . "from the crossroads of the West" . . . beginning . . .

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Sue said...

I can't wait for conference to come. Sometimes I really feel like I need that boost more than others, and this is one of those times.

I wish I had started a food tradition at conference time for my kids. I have them for all the holidays, but the conference thing never occurred to me. Missed opportunity!

However, I am going to tell my DIL about it.


blueviolet said...

Those look just amazing!!!! I like making pulled pork in the crockpot too!

Kevin Beckstrom said...

Thanks for posting this. I planned on referring to the recipe in one of my upcoming posts, and I didn't want to search all over to find it!

Julie said...

Ironically I was just craving cinnamon rolls for this weekend. I am always looking for a good recipe. Sadly, I don't have a great one. Yeast and I still have issues.

Dumb question (but I will ask anyway): What size/type of pan do you use? Approximately how many rolls does this make?


Jackie said...

Oh man! I wish I was conferencing at your house!

Will you mail me a cinnamon roll?

Ann Mitchell said...

We have "Conference Casserole." A yummy breakfast casserole!

Jenny Montgomery said...

this will be the first time since i started college that 1) i wont be in alpine,ut for conference and 2) i wont be eating these delicious cinnamon rolls...sad day. miss you guys!

Amy said...

That phrase always sends a thrill through me. "From the crossroads from the west..." I love it!
I am always looking for a good menu for Conference. I am excited to try your cinnamon rolls. Thanks!

tammy said...

I went and picked up apple cinnamon bread to make our favorite french toast today. My diet will be shot, but oh well!

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