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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Going . . . Going . . . Gone - I think I'm gonna miss YOU!

And just like that the youngest of my heart is off on her own.

We're not talking Rexburg, 4 hours up I-15 anymore.

No sireeee!

My baby is off to Tanzania!

Kels - I'm gonna miss you, but at the same time, I am so amazed that you would spend all your hard earned money, gather and shop for supplies and pack your bags at least 40  different times.  To fit in all those cute little things for the orphanages.  You will be a wonderful volunteer and all those babies are gonna love you!



And here is Kelsie's experience of the first few days in Tanzania

Hey everyone!

Wow, crazy adventures! Not really actually...ha. So We've been here a few days so far and we've all had our turn with being sick. Cami hasn't gotten too sick yet though luckily. Yesterday M'Liss was sick all day and so we didn't do much except walk to the Cafe and play card games and play around the Hostel and such. They make breakfast and dinner which is great. I love the food here so much. Last night they made an avacado salad unlike anything I've ever had before. 

The Hostel is pretty sweet, no home or anything, all the windows are broken and covered with bars and such and there are lizards everywhere! We have this tiny little cat that is around and it attacks lizards visciously everytime I see it which I am grateful for, yet a little bit disgusted with. There is also a little dog which is cute. I want to play with them...but no worries mom, I've kept my hands to myself. This morning I got sick and threw up a few times which was extrememly unpleasant but I think it was just something I had to get out of my system because I'm feeling fine now. 

We've been walking around Moshi town today to get a phone so that we can call Taxi's and such. This morning M'Liss and Cami went to Tuleeni orphanage to see if Mama Faragie was there but she wasn't...so we are put off volunteering or another day. We're trying back tonight and tomorrow morning. Then on monday we are tagging along with Hugh from London to a small village about 45 minutes out. We hitch a ride on the back of a truck, most likely a brick truck or a truck taking supplies out to a sugar plantation and then ride on the back of a guys bike for another 10 or 15 minutes to get there. I'm pretty excited about it! I'm thinking that I'll be teaching out at that school for the next while. We'll see how I like it. 

Also, everyone lied. They have paved streets, true they have ditches and are trashed but they have them in town. However, the place where our Hostel is pretty scetch, don't worry though, i'll be fine as long as i don't walk out after night. Everything is going really well, and I'm loving it here! I can't wait to get to work. Talk to you all soon!! Much love!


p.s. I can count to 39 in swahili and now know how to greet people and say thank you and no thanks. stuff like that. watch! i'll be pro when i get home. ;)

You can keep current on all the
Tanzania Humanitarian Service
Adventures right here!

Thanks sweetheart for the update - I think I'm developing a new love for email!


Pedaling said...

your kids are full of life and adventure. This will be a great memory all of her life.

tammy said...

And here I am stressing about letting my son go across the country.

Joy For Your Journey said...

Oh, wow!! Good for her. I am sorry she is sick, but know that is part of the adventure. It sounds like she is in for some life changing experiences. I wish her the best!

Momza said...

Oh my. How exciting! An adventure-bound beauty is afoot! Totally awesome!

Sue said...

What a GREAT girl! Any chance she's single?


Sue Anderson, always the matchmaker.


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