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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

And the Answer is . . . One Bite at a Time

If the answer is
One Bite at a Time

well then obviously the question would be what . . . . ??

Come on, I'm certain you have one of those big extra-large sized elephants in your life!

Like the one sitting in the middle of your living room
or the car
or the backyard . . .

Don't have an elephant?

Please come by and take a bite of mine - hee!!

My problem with eating an elephant is which juicy morsel do you prefer to begin with?
You could try his toes, where no one is likely to even notice that you took a bite . . .

You could try his trunk, where it would still be little and tiny, but a bit more obvious,
or maybe a big bite right out of his ear . . . hmmmm . . . that always seems to be my problem . . .

Where to begin?

But I've noticed the hardest part of eating an elephant is just getting started.  I would really love to hear how you decide which end of your elephant to begin with.

But for now . . . 
I think I'll just go frost those cupcakes,
 find two things on my list of things to do that are urgent for today,

 then go for a walk . . .

I think I need a little fresh air . . . 

those elephants
they certainly have a way of
crowding you right out of the house :)

Oh - and a little music always helps when you are elephant eating . . . just found out these guys will be in town on Sept 9th - I really must go, hope I'm done elephant eating by then :)


Andrea said...

I always take a bite of whichever part of the elephant is closest. I'm lazy that way. :D

Sue said...

I always eat the part that seems least appetizing so as to get it over with. (We ARE talking metaphorically here, right?)


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