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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Last Days of Winter

I keep thinking we are experiencing the last days of winter here in Utah!

These are photos from our early March cabin trip, for all our family and friends who now live outside of Utah, or far from our family cabin . . .

This is what you're missing out on!
And can I say . . .

We are really missing you at the cabin also!

(location: Uintah mountains, just off the Mirror Lake Highway in between Kamas Utah and Mirror Lake.  Also known as the Soapstone Basin Road - for all you heavy duty snowmobilers out there)

This beautiful area has been a favorite of our family for many decades now.


This is me!
My old girl - Cleo, the blond on the right is getting pretty old.
She loves the cabin and would curl up and die if we left her home.
But I have to do the one mile hike up the mountain with her in the snow each time we visit.  She is no longer able to run alongside the snowmobile.  Of course Conan, the black one, frolics all the way up running circles around us.


Always a great place to visit with family and friends.
Thank you DAD for letting us use your snowmobiles each winter.
We sure enjoy having this great opportunity.

cabin collage2

Just a few of the winter scenes . . .

So   I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E  !!!!

And there is sooooOooO much snow in our Utah Mountains this winter!

cabin collage3
No cabin trip would be complete without lots of
yummy food
and family and friends!

cabin collage1
Sorry Karianne and Greg!
I should have pulled out my camera more before you had to take off,
but I did get this photos of Norm and Karianne (below)


(we still are very fond of our 2002 Utah Winter Olympics jackets as you can see!!)

I have to explain the significance of this photo - 
there is soooo much snow on top of the wood pile that the kids
dug a tunnel running all the way through upon the top of the roof
from one corner to the other.
It was quite amazing!


Just one of my favorite photos from the trip.
Hope you enjoy!
Here comes the sun! I feel it warming up soon :)


Niki said...

LOVE your winter scenes! They are beautiful!

Sue said...

This is just an idyllic scene.

And your photos capture it perfectly.


tammy said...

My boys would be in heaven! And my dogs would be riding on my lap.

Momza said...

wow. tons of snow! We didn't get nearly that much on this side of the Rockies. It is so pretty tho, isn't it?

Joy For Your Journey said...

What beautiful pictures!! And what a fun time it seems you all had. I am so jealous. I have always wanted a cabin. Not necessarily so we can play in the snow, but more somewhere to escape the summer heat.

Thanks for sharing your pictures!

Mommason Hillary said...

we need to get put back on the cabin list somehow.... there are less of us now - no need to heat up too many extra beds! (: Beautiful....

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