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Monday, March 7, 2011

The Cleaning of the Bedroom Closet

OK . . .
Yes, you inspired me . . .
It's taken some time to really sink in . . .

But there's not doubt that
you inspired me!

I cleaned out my Master Bedroom Closet!

What a chore.

I found the darnest things in there . . .

Who inspired me you ask?

This amazing lady - Alice, a dear friend and neighbor
she also happens to be the author of this just as amazing and awesome book. And she also was the guest speaker at our evening Relief Society meeting in February.

What did I learn after this cleansing process?

  • Never buy t-shirts! ( I NEVER wear them!)
  • I REALLY don't need 3 pairs of black flip flops!
  • I do need 10 pairs of CROCS in ALL colors!
  • I'm addicted to hoodies . . . I'd as soon part with my Sunday best clothes than my hoodies!
  • I really am going to lose weight - I AM NOT giving up in this area!
  • Books belong on the bookshelf
  • Hangers multiply somehow!
  • If I keep unmatched socks long enough, sometimes the mate actually does show up - amazing!
  • I REALLY wear a lot of black - hmmm . . . what does that mean?
  • Sorting through my swimsuits made me LOOOONG for Lake Powell
  • For someone who HATES socks - I have way toooo many of them
  • I haven't worn hose to church since almost forever   
(I bought a pair in 1995 just in case I needed them in an emergency - still in the wrapper!)

So . . .
Off to good will it goes

My closet now looks like this!

Well, maybe not exactly like this :)

But I do have tons more room and I feel so much better now!


Sue said...

I need to follow suit. My close it outa control.


PS. And I wear a lot of black, too. I like it with my new, silvery hair.

tammy said...

I was just thinking this morning that I needed to do that. And I don't think I've worn hose since I moved to AZ.

Amy said...

You are too funny! Good for you for getting your closet cleaned out. That always feels so good. When I do a huge project like that, I find excuses to walk past it. Silly I know.

Joy For Your Journey said...

Oh, wow!! Your closet looks just like mine!! (Ha ha!) I cleaned out my closet a couple weeks ago and learned that I have 7 black undershirts. What on earth do I need that many for? (But I didn't part with any of them:-) I also had a ton of t-shirts that I had collected from travels that I didn't know I had.

Anyway--I think I need to read that book!! The thing I dislike about myself the most is that I am always looking for things I put down or put away and can't find them. And although I don't like clutter--I have a lot of it tucked away in corners, behind chairs etc. I hate it!!

Susan said...

I don't think I've completely cleaned out my closet since we moved into this house over 9 years ago. Hmmm, between you and Alice, I'm feeling a little bit inspired . . . nah, it's gone.

Reeses Pieces said...

My Mom gave me that book for a gift. It really did inspire me...however I think it's time to pull it off the shelf again and go for another round :)

Loralee and the gang... said...

...my daughters sometimes call my closet The Mall - it is sorted into catetories and colors and my shoes are usually all lined up etc, ... I can tell you for sure that I am NOT bragging here, because I can safely say the the rest of my house desperately needs this same kind of organization! I keep telling myself, a little at a time, consistancy, will do it, but I don't seem to function that way...I have to dive in and do it all in a mad marathon way...I know, I know, I'm kinda crazy...

M-Cat said...

I love me a clean closet. We just did ours and my husband had the gall to ask me why I needed so many pairs of black shoes. SERIO? They just don't get it do they?

Andrea said...

Nice work! My closet's pretty clean, but Little Boy's closet...that's another story. Better get to work on that.

Victoria said...

Ugh. Just..... ugh.

Kimberlee said...

My mom is an unmatched sock keeper. Seriously, she never gets rid of her unmatched socks...because what if someday the mate shows us. We laughed so hard one time when we were helping her match socks and we came upon a sock that was my dad's missionary companions (his name was embroidered on it). Twenty years later!!!

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