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Friday, April 26, 2013

It's a Grandma post . . .

Yes . . .

Disclaimer . . . my favorite purpose for blogging is to look back and review moments that I want to be able to remember forever.   Family scrapbook photos . . .  they are some of my favorite.

So with that disclaimer,

This is a Grandma post.

I was able to attend my tiny Grand baby Addision's little gymnastics class while I was visiting in Ohio. Of course the indoor gym lighting was horrible, but I followed her around with the camera anyway.  These photos are precious, I loved watching her attempt to follow her teacher and explore all the different gymnastics equipment.

And I must admit, she is not bad for 21 months. I loved seeing her excited, hesitation and enthusiasm for all the activities :D

More than anything, I think she just has fun exploring, climbing, jumping, shouting and playing with all the other pre-school age children in her class.

What fun!



gymnastic 4


gymnastics 5

gymnastics 3
gymnastics 2

gymnastics 1

gymnastics 6

Next up!

Baby Johnny cakes


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Sue said...

What a cutie! Made me smile.


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