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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Just the Boys . . .

in March

were all about the "boys" this time!

It was so exciting to get on a plane and zip off
to visit the boys for a change.

Cory in Denver with his cute wife Sara . . .
and our darling baby Jonny cakes.  (baby speak for Jonathan :)

We cooked and we baked
and we walked . .  .
we hit the park, the playground, the library

the orchid show . . . 

We all went to see Les Miserable!
It was Jonny cakes first movie, I truly believed he loved the music,
he fell asleep about 30 minutes into the movie and slept through the whole thing.
I'll take him to a movie any time!

Ribbet collage Denver 2013

After three fun filled Denver days . . .

It was off to Raleigh, North Carolina for 4 days with
Dustin and Cami.

And Kelsie!  My oldest and youngest together,
which doesn't happen very often.

Kelsie had spring break so we all met together at
Dustin's home in Raleigh.

Once again,
we ate, and ate, and played games.
We hiked around Reddy lake.
It was a beautiful day and we walked and walked.

We visited the Sara Duke Gardens . . . just beginning to be Spring there.
We visited Duke University . . .
quite a bit of March Madness going on there already !

In Durham we visited Amelias,
we can't pass up the pastries at Amelias.

Ribbet collage raleigh 2013 DSC00926 Ribbet collage2

So grateful for each and every opportunity
I have to visit family.  I'm grateful for each precious family 
member and all that they contribute to the 
Alpine Klein bunch
being exactly who we are.

Yep, you all are pretty special :D


Momza said...

It is so nice that you could travel to see your kids before the excitement and busy-ness of mission prep gets underway. I love the Carolinas in the Spring.
Pretty neat family you have, Kristin!

Sue said...

Boy, you really made the rounds. What a fun thing to do before you are on your way!


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