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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Temple Dedicated in Draper, Utah

Living just over the mountain from the new Draper Utah Temple, we have been watching the construction one step at a time from the groundbreaking in July 2006 to the hoisting of the majestic, gold leafed Angel Moroni in July of 2008. I stayed up until midnight the night before reservations were available online so that we would be sure to secure tickets to attend the open house. Not since 1981, when the Jordan River Temple was dedicated, have we had a temple dedication in the Salt Lake Valley. So it was an occasion our family looked forward to with great anticipation.

We were not disappointed. Even during the 12 minute introductory film shown by missionaries, followed by their personal testimonies, one could feel the spirit bear witness of the special work and function of our LDS Temples. The film features testimonies by President Monson, Elder Holland and Elder Packer and specifically denotes that it is our Heavenly Father's home on this earth, and is thus inscribed with the words "Holiness to the Lord", designating it as his home. Elder Holland shared his witness of the importance of temple ordinances, "I don't know how to speak about heaven in the traditional, lovely, paradisiacal beauty that we speak of heaven--I wouldn't know how to speak of heaven without my wife and my children. It would not be heaven for me."

Following the introductory film, everyone is transported to the Draper Temple by bus where a silent temple tour continues. Each person receives a brochure about the temple that describes it's different rooms. The tour ends in the cultural hall of an adjacent meeting house decorated beautifully with family history displays, and light refreshments. One has the chance to ask questions of the many missionaries and member volunteers who attend to the cultural hall thoughout the open house period.

In an unusual move for the church, they invited the press to attend a special tour of the temple before the public open house began. While they were not allowed to bring their cameras into the temple they were supplied with film from the church that included footage of many of the temple rooms. You can see these videos on ABC video sights. You might be interested in watching them if you will be unable to attend the Draper Temple open house in person. (As is usual for the press, they try hard I think, but frequently fail to get all their facts exactly correct.)

Wednesday, January 28th, Meridian Magazine (I finally found the right link) features an article about the new Draper Temple and will have photos released by the church of many of the temple rooms.

I have a testimony of temples and love the tranquility, light and peace that we can partake of when particiapting in temple ordinances. I'm grateful to have this place of serenity in this world and try to participate often. I look forward to having this beautiful temple nearby my home, and hope you all that live nearby will have the opportunity of visiting with your families during their open house. The Church website provides this information -

Open house organizers request that advance reservations be made online at www.lds.org/reservations (maximum of 10 reservations) or by calling 1-800-537-6181 or 801-240-7932. Group reservations can also be accommodated by calling these numbers.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 20-22 March 2009, the Draper Utah Temple will be formally dedicated. Latter-day Saints in the area served by the new temple will attend 12 dedicatory sessions.

After its dedication, the temple will serve approximately 60,000 members of the Church in Draper and surrounding communities. It will become the 129th Latter-day Saint temple worldwide.


Reeses Pieces said...

I love that temple. I haven't seen a picture of it yet. Beautiful!

Kate said...

Those pictures are fabulous. My husband's father was able to be a volunteer and help with the building of it, so we were able to go through it before the open house. It was so awesome to have all of my children with us in the celestial room without the crowds. What a memorable experience. Great blog.

Carolyn said...

I am so glad you treasure the temples. I didn't realize how much I loved them until I had to drive 4 hours to get to one!

Thanks for the link. Her blog is so cute. She sounds like a kindred spirit.

Joy For Your Journey said...

Thanks so much for sharing all of this. My sister lives in Draper so I have a particular interest in what you have written.

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