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Friday, January 16, 2009

Of Feathers & Fur . . .

Anyone who has been to our home, or knows me, understands that I have a penchant for "all creatures great and small". My husband loves to tease everyone and point out to all who enter, the sign that hangs in our family room that states

"Welcome to the Zoo"

He thinks we really do live in a zoo!

Perhaps we do. Although I must admit, our current situation IS better than it has been in the past. We have two large indoor house dogs - Cleo and Conan, our salt and pepper Labradors. Although they are large, they really think they are lap dogs. We also have two kitties, Kia and Minnie, who think that they belong in the house during the snowy Utah winter times. As you can imagine between the 4 of them - the fur does fly. (I think I need to invest in the vacuum bag business . . .)

As if that wasn't enough - I frequently feel the need to adopt all the outside critters as well! Currently, it's the winter flocks of birds that are passing through. They continue to amaze me as they come in so many different shapes, sizes and colors. Each one of them has their own unique personalities as well. Last year I invested in some new binoculars so as to keep an eye on them even better. They love to pass through our yard, despite our kitties, which they seem to tease always managing to stay just out of reach, because we have so many trees with edible berries on them in the winter time. I also put out bird food for them s o I can watch them at the bird feeders off our patio.

They are really hilarious at the feeder and can empty a bird feeder of 2 pounds of bird seed in a matter of hours. Many of them take turns sharing, almost offering their perch to the newcomer searching for a place to light. Others, chase all the flock away before they settle down to peck, searching for the choicest morsels, keeping all to themselves.

Here are some of the birds at the feeder -

Here is my kitty watching the birds at the feeder -

I'll be sure to post more photos as the winter goes along. I always keep my birding guide book close by as I try to identify my winter visitors. I think my hubby is always glad when I keep the visitors outside, especially when I insist on feeding them!

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Alan said...

I always forget that you have cats! The gray one is beautiful! What kind is she?

Joy For Your Journey said...

This reminded me so much of my mother. (She currently lives in American Fork) When I was growing up she would bring home all the stray cats in the neighborhood and stray dogs seemed to always know our house was a safe one as they would drop by and stay as well. That was in addition to birds, turtles, hamptsers, frogs (my brother brought those home). Your children are lucky to have you. My husband is opposed to pets (his always died so he now doesn't want any) but my two married children got them as soon as they moved out.

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