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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Only 103 Days To Go . . .

Well, I counted today, and officially Norm and I have 103 days until we are REALLY empty nestors. Geez! That sounds so old, I'm not really sure I want to be an official member of THAT group - ha!

I mean I look at my kids and all the experiences they are having everyday, my oldest Dustin and his wife, Cami, across the country making their own new home, learning their way around a new city. The next one, Cory, finishing a college degree, living away from home with a pack of roommates, serving in his single's ward as a temple activities co-chair. Now, Karianne, with her fiance, Greg, making wedding plans and experiencing that unusual excitement that goes along with planning a future with that one special person. Then, there's Kelsie, my youngest, graduating from high school, excited about college and living away from home, experiencing those last wonderful memories with all her high school friends.

I think I was JUST there. I feel like I'm still there. I look like I still belong there don't you think ;) (definite wink on that one . . . . except I just found out I have arthritis in my back . . . and that sounds sooooo old).

I'm having a lot of flashback moments these days wanting to be sure I can still remember all those precious memories that have flown by so quickly. You young moms with little ones - PAY ATTENTION! Because I'm telling you it will go by in a heartbeat or two.

So I felt inspired to share these two photos with you all. It seems like overnight we went from one to the other.

1993 - Kelsie (3), Karianne (6), Cory (9), Dustin (12)
Star Valley Wyoming - Thanksgiving with the Aullmans

Our new family photo for 2009 - Alpine, UT

Everyone give your little ones a big hug from me.

I think I know what my problem is . . . I haven't yet discovered the secret for getting grandbabies. Could someone clue me in . . . they would really fit in about now :)


Olivia Myles said...

Thanks for sharing your family photos! I have a five year old now so I will remember to cherish him before I become an empty nester!

Following you from MBC!

Kevin Beckstrom said...

You're NOT that old...it was only like ten years ago that you graduated from high school, right?

Joy For Your Journey said...

I hear ya!! My youngest is 15 so we have a few more years with her, but I know how fast it goes when they get into high school. I couldn't wait to have one child old enough to baby sit the others and then over night they were all too old for babysitters. And now I have four out of high school. It really does go by much too quickly.

mamasuisse said...

It's so fun to see your cute family from 1993 - year of the denim ;-)

With my oldest baby in high school and about to start driving, I'm suddenly realizing how fast it's going. Thank you for the reminder. I'm trying to appreciate and savor every moment with my babies.

Victoria said...

Oh man, Kristin... so true!!! I love the old picture:) Love the new one more. The thing I like about your 2009 photo is that everyone is doing something kind of goofy, except for you. You are the anchor. I love that.

Funny thing, how I got a grandchild. My son and daughter-in-law were pretty set on the fact that they weren't having babies for awhile. That last year of nursing school and clinicals and all was hard, and Josh was also in his last year at BYU, and a baby was not on the agenda. But Jessi got mononucleosis...a particularly nasty case, that left her with acute pericarditis, which they treated with large doses of ibuprofen over many months, which in turn led to ulcers. I know this doesn't seem related... but the result was that the doctors told her that she should not get pregnant for awhile. Now, while they did not want to have a baby for quite awhile, being told by the doctors that they COULDN'T have a baby changed everything. As soon as they found out they couldn't, then they were DESPERATE to have one:)

So the trick is reverse psychology. You tell them that they can't have babies for a long time...

MoonNStarMommy said...

Your blog is so cute!! I'm visiting from MBC - it was nice to see you say hi in the 100 club :) I'm following you now!

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