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Monday, May 25, 2009

Best Things in Life are Free . . .

I frequently get questions about my photography and how I get such vivid colors and large photos posted on the blog. It really is a passion of mine and is so much fun besides. It does help to have a wonderful camera that I love. But it's not really necessary. You can take such outstanding photos with almost every digital camera these days. And I have learned a lot over the years. The good news is almost all my favorite resources ARE FREE! I am truly amazed at what you can get for FREE these days.

Here are some of my favorite tutorial photography sites and insights. I try to participate in their weekly assignments and really try to understand the principles they are trying to encourage with the assignment.

Digital Photography School should probably be the first stop for anyone who is trying to improve their photography skills. Or even if you aren't, it's a great place to visit, has wonderful tutorials and articles all about taking better photos, how to use all those setting on your digital camera, and how to touch up the photos if necessary after you take the photos. Register for free and they will send you their newsletter which is ACTUALLY a very helpful newsletter. I look forward to it every week and go through all
their articles. DPS also has a really helpful forum where one can ask questions, share photos for critique and participate in fun assignments and see other photographers interpretations, which really spurs the creativity. Here's a great one for beginners, "11 Tips for Beginner Photographers". And many more here also for just about everyone!

The next stop on the photography
circuit is I Faces. You can't help but have a good time participating in their weekly photo challenge and visiting other participants blogs, leaving encouraging comments and seeing their frequently zany interpretations. The best part is they have a renowned guest photography judge each week who shares their best advice and frequently wonderfully helpful resources. This weeks judge is Lyndzee Ellsworth and you will want to read all about her.

If you're still with me, let's go visit Shutter Sisters, pretty much a "Women Only" club for photography. There is a certain comfort level sharing thoughts and photos with other women, and somehow we relate together in such similar ways. I think that is why I enjoy this sight so much. They have events where everyone can share and participate on their site, such as, One Word Project where everyone submits their visual interpretation of THE ONE WORD. Or perhaps you all would enjoy One Sweet Shot, a celebration of photography images all by women.

Wow! That is like the tip of the iceberg! Tomorrow I'll share another great and FREE discovery that I really have had so much fun with. And I didn't actually get to the point of how to post the large photos - soooooo, come back tomorrow!


Amysout said...

Your pix are fantastic! Thanks for the tips too!! I've been taking pictures since I was around 13 - for over 20 years & always am interested in learning more!

Carolyn said...

I am, right now, checking those sites, right now!


Joy For Your Journey said...

Thanks so very much for the sites! And putting them on my list of favorite places. And I will be back tomorrow!

Victoria said...

Thanks for the great tips, and I am looking forward to finding out how you posted that gigantic pic! :)

Kevin Beckstrom said...

There's another great site done by a buddy of mine. He talks about the basics of composition and elements of design with a focus on news photography. It's at newsphotographyexposed.blogspot.com. Check it out!

Carolyne said...

Hey Sister Klein! I was blog surfing, and I found your blog! It's so good to find familiar faces on the internet! Your family is lovely! Tell Bishop I say hi!

Cheryl C said...

Oh my- there is almost too much info here to process...and only a few minutes left in naptime- I must come back! Thanks for all the sites- I am excited to check them out!

sarasophia said...

great info. I am a beginning photographer and really appreciate these links!

Following from MBC---please follow back...

<3 sarasophia

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