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Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Cat and a Test


Why do I get these blog remodeling ideas in my head?

Maybe it's a repressed desire to attack my kitchen with a paintbrush, or just my was of avoiding the actual, in real life, repainting job I have waiting for me at my front door. I'm sure I could have painted the whole entry during the time I spent doing a little remodeling here . . .

I'll have to share photos of the before and afters once I get it completed. But until then . . .

(Shush! Don't tell Greg, he got me all fixed up with the paint, brushes, everything including instructions before he left to go to Ohio. It really should be finished by now but I haven't actually even started it - I think I can get to it tomorrow, I have to hurry before he and Karianne get back from Ohio on Wednesday)

Anyway, just wanted to post one photo as a test photo. I really like the BIG photos and wanted to be sure they would fit.

This is Kia
the spoiled.

She likes to sleep on my bed and she loves to tease Conan (the black lab) by running and hiding under the bed. I think she secretly like to be chased!


Alan said...

love it

Carolyn said...

I love the new background and the kitty.

Paint away my friend. I think I will have paint under my fingernails for a few months more.

Today a door.

Once we move, a whole 'nother house!

susette said...

LOVE the big photo. I think you should teach us all how you did that! She's a cute kitty by the way.

tammy said...

Aw, cute kitty.

Carla said...

ssssooooo pppppprrrrrreeeeetttttttttyyyyyy!!!

What did you use to get is so wide and such big pictures????

Now you can move on to the real redo (or not;)

Have a great Memorial Day:)

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