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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Away from My Desk

Maybe you noticed:

I am currently away from my desk:)

From Oct vacation favorites

This is an automatic reply from the blog page of Kristin – aka Just Me the Mom. I am currently away from my deck spending time in Ohio and North Carolina with my children who have moved clear across the country.

From Oct vacation favorites

From Oct vacation favorites

I am having such a great time and may not return anytime soon.

If you have reached this blog page in error, please stay and visit for a while.

Please leave me LOTS of bloggy comments and I'll be sure to get back to you.

Ta rah!

From Oct vacation favorites


Jeanette said...

Hope you enjoyed your time out here in Ohio! Kirtland is one of our favorite day trips.

Joy For Your Journey said...

Iam so glad to know you are okay. Better than okay, actually, you are having a great time with your kids!! How great is that!! Enjoy the rest of your trip. (And of course take lots of pictures:-)

Nancy@ifevolutionworks.com said...

Enjoy your break. Can't think of a better way to take one.

Jackie said...

I just love you!

tammy said...

Children should not be allowed to move clear across the country. But at least you got to visit. Hope you're having fun!

(funny that we both have blue heron pics. what are the odds?)

Theta Mom said...

Have a wonderful time! Love the pics!

Mrs. Mordecai said...

Cute post! Thanks for the quilt advice, too. :)

susette said...

I agree with Tammy that children should not be allowed to move across the country.

I am also across the country visiting my daughter in Massachusetts. It is fun to be with family. We're just patiently waiting for a stubborn baby to be born.

nichole said...

Next time you should swing by our way!

Carolyn said...

You're alive and on my side of the country. What fun. You photos of your kids are wonderful as always.

Enjoy your vacation.

Pam said...

Hope you have a lovely time on your vacation. : )

Victoria said...

How fun is THAT? What a beautiful time to be back there!

Naomi de la Torre said...

Hi Kristin! Love your blog! That is so nice that you are out traveling and visiting your grown children. What a wonderful opportunity for all of you! I hope you have a safe and fun trip! Enjoy.


JaelCustomDesigns said...

Popping in from MBC!
(FB Fan Exchange Club)

I fanned you on FB and I'mm now following your blog...

Great pictures! I hope you have a great time. :-)

SSPage said...

Hello! I'm connecting to you from MBC. Love the wonderful photos on your blog. Have a great vacation :)

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