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Monday, November 16, 2009

The UN to-do LIST

This post inspired by:

Jia, of Untypically Jia over at Untypically Jia and her "been there done that list"

Just today alone, not counting yesterday, last week or this whole month - I've been so overwhelmed by my to-do list. It simply is endless. I just keep adding to it each day, I try to prioritize I really do. Just the urgent ones are enough to fill a page. Then the just vitally important ones seem to spill right on over to the second page.

I know I'm busy everyday - and the days just seem to fly by with me trying to get SOMETHING done everyday.

But after being inspired by Jia, I'm starting a whole new list system.

The UN to-do list.

As I go along I keep a tally of all the things I've done but not been able to check off of any list. So for today the list would look something like this:

Got out of bed
(it sounds mundane I know but is not a small task with the arthritis I'm experiencing in my back lately:)

Read 20 pages in my book "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society"
(I'll have to blog about this one soon as I AM in love!)

Spent two hours searching for a stubborn virus, removing said virus and restoring my husbands computer to it's previous "unviral" state (I think it had H1N1) so he could get out the door and go to work!

Walked / hiked four miles through the wooded hills above Alpine with friends and dogs.
(Killed two birds with that one)

Left messages with like 8 different parties
(Why oh why doesn't anyone call me back?)

Searched for cheap airfares to get my son here in January for the other sons wedding.

Made the bed

Did the dishes

Read my scriptures

Said my prayers

(Pretty much in that order unfortunately)

Let me see, what else can I add:

Ate 6 chocolate chip cookies

Drank two cans of diet coke
(I thought about making something healthy for lunch, but I don't think it counts as an official list item as I didn't spend enough time thinking about it to actually create anything)

Assisted daughter number two in creating an updated resume and cover letter so she can find a medical assistant job in Rexburg for next semester.

Made a decision about where to host sons wedding luncheon.

Fed the cats once, the dogs twice

And now finally; created this blog post!

Whew! I am exhausted, no one has still called me back, and now I'm heading on over to the URGENT to-do list and see if I can get anything DONE today:)


Mary said...

Oh where, oh where does the time go?

Loralee and the gang... said...

A list of things that have been accomplished is much more encouraging than the never-ending to-do list. Sometimes there is so much to be done here that I am paralyzed from getting anything done - have you ever felt like that? And fixing a virus on the computer - you are Awesome! That is NEver a fun chore!

Kirsty said...

I've taken to doing this a lot lately. It is much more motivating in the long run. Your un-to-do list is very impressive.

Victoria said...

I like your day. Mine was really not even that productive. But after some weeks of killing myself off, I keep telling myself that I deserve some down time. So I have been catching up on three episodes of a TV show that my 16-year-old son and I watch together, that he has been saving on the DVR. Okay, so that is probably kind of lame, but I am feeling pretty alright about it:) haha!

Victoria said...

And have I mentioned lately how beautiful you and your family are? I think I fall in love with you guys every time I come to the blog and see the pictures. You just look like friends of mine:)

Jeanette said...

Wonderful idea!
The Guernsey book is wonderful. I've read it twice. :-)

Shewinn8 said...

Sounds like you got a lot accomplished to me! I on the other hand was mentally, and emotionally stalled by my missionary's email where he told me he had fever and has been sick all week. Dang it! I spent the rest of the day only doing the essentials which turned out to be exercising (5 miles on the stationary bike because I made a promise to myself) and getting a few groceries. Everything else became non essential. I did however spend a lot of time listening to my youngest daughter talk about everything and nothing and enjoyed every minute of it. I realized how blessed I am to have her here in front of me right here right now. I hugged her a lot today. I want to say thank you for steering me towards Vickis post from your facebook profile. It was a really good post and took my mind off of my worries. You are a really good blogger friend. I am grateful to know you!

Mrs. Mordecai said...

What is it with people and the phone lately? There are some people we just can't EVER get hold of, after literally months of trying. Sometimes I wonder why they bother paying for service.

Right, that probably sounded rant-ish. Life is good! I love your list.

susette said...

Oh it's so true how many things we HAVE to do each day that don't feel like they count. I'm glad you have turned that around. Just imagine if you didn't do those un-to-do things.

Greg and Karianne said...

Mom you are amazing and do so much everyday! Forget the to-do list. I love you. Where's the luncheon gonna be?

Joy For Your Journey said...

Do you ever read Rebecca Irvine's blog? It is at http://rebeccairvine.blogspot.com/
She is reading the same book you are and is hosting the book club at her house. She was asking if anyone else had ever read it. I had never heard about it, but then read about it on both your blogs within five minutes of each other.

As for everything else--good luck with both the to-do and the un-to-do lists. My life seems so crazy right now I don't even know where to start--so I am sitting here reading blogs instead. :-) At least it is enjoyable.

Laura Lynn said...

I just found your blog, it's very nice. I like your un to-do list! Anything is better than nothing no matter how small it seems-in the midst of all the other chores, right??
Take care!

tammy said...

Love the idea of this.

Native American Momma said...

Sometimes, I add things so I can cross them off LOL sorta the same concept.
Sometimes, I just cross things off, because really I am not going to forget to wash the laundry so I shouldn't just have it on there, plus when is the laundry ever really done?

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