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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Welcome back . . .

My goodness . . .

It's back to the REAL world. Got on the scale today and decided I indulged in way tooooo much sugar and addicting treats over the holidays. Yep - NOT a good thing. Not only that, but just waaaaaay to busy to get out there and do much hiking, walking or running with all the festivities going on.

Sooooo . . . it's out into the Utah cold for me! I'll be hitting the street momentarily.

I've been a poor blogger this last month also. Sooooo many fun family holiday wedding related activities. It's been just tremendous having my 'far away dwelling' children home for a visit. We've had adventures in the snowy mountains, movies, visits with aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. I'm sad to see it winding down - but eager to resume some sort of schedule and regain a little control.

Just thinking about all the things I should be doing if I wasn't blogging right this minute . . .

I could attack the boxes of Christmas decor leftover and waiting to be put away.

I could be sorting through all the photos from the wedding and deciding which to keep and which to send off to la la land.
I could be making breakfast so everyone doesn't have to have cereal AGAIN.

I could get really organized for a meeting I have scheduled this morning.

I could attack the laundry, all the guest towels and sheets waiting to be attended to.

Gee, it would be really nice to clear out the DVR which is overflowing with unwatched TV episodes. I think I'll just start anew, who could catch up on them all anyway :)

What undone activities do you all put aside to update the blog?
(come on - make me feel better!)

And now I'm off - out the door I go, it will feel good to get this body moving!


FeliciaE said...

You are so not alone. At this minute I am putting off dishs and a massive pile of ironing all in attempts to be a better blogger follower and get out and comment. =)

Good luck on getting all your stuff done.

Pedaling said...

many of the same...
exercise would be one- SO NOT GOOD!
i hate running- but i will- but in the cold or the dreadmill? hmmm
organize crap...dvds, drawers, my life...
return a few items,
order wedding pics...yes, see we have the same list.
i'm afraid to get on the scale- i am feeling soooo fat!

Amy said...

You are brave to go out into this cold weather! I so want to get exercising again but just can't find the time. You are my hero!

And I should be folding clothes instead of blogging :)

tammy said...

Yep, too much good food (or bad, depending on how you look at it) for me too. I started my no sugar no bread diet on Saturday.

What should I be doing instead of blogging?
Dejunking the toy room.
And den.
And my closet.
And my son's closet.

Angelia said...

Oh! I love your pictures of the family. I visited Utah this summer and fell in LOVE with the people AND the mountains. What a great place!

Don't be too hard on yourself. The holiday was a time to relax and let go. You'll get back into the routine. :-)

Jackie said...

Maybe I'll come over and clean out your DVR. I used up everything on mine and I'm running out of things to watch in the middle of the night.

Glad you are back. Missed you.

Can't wait to hear about your adventures!

Love you!

Shewinn8 said...

Do Christmas decorations on the living room table count?...they are at least in a stack...well technically it's a pile. I have however been to the gym to workout three days straight and managed to go at least twice a week during the holidays so I think I am going to take it easy on myself. You do the same too friend. ;)

Sue said...

I usually do my blog first thing in the morning. It would probably be better if I did my exercising then, which is now relegated to early evening when I'm already tired.

But I just can't bring myself to care. I like doing my blog in the morning because it starts my day off just right! And that's a good thing.


PS. I do sometimes think about just starting the whole process earlier, but then I'd have to go to bed earlier. (Another thing I don't like to do...)

PPS. I think I am a problem child.

Joy For Your Journey said...

Right now I am putting off finishing my seminary lesson for tomorrow morning. And I am ALWAYS willing to give up laundry.:-) I can totally relate to getting out of schedule though. I was thinking we would get back on schedule this week but with the funeral we are all off schedule again. And I have barely seen my husband in two weeks. This Saturday we have a wedding so everyone is staying in town for that--so lots of company. So . . .maybe next week. Good luck with all the things you are doing, need to do, want to do . . . :-)

Clairity said...

Don't feel bad. I haven't been to the gym since Christmas Eve. Just when I thought it was time to get back in there, the school madness started this week. So next week, promise :)

Victoria said...

Thanks for putting off all that stuff... It was worth it;)

MisAdventuresofMomof3 said...

HAHA!!! A kindred spirit! I love it, nights and all!!! Sorry it took me so long to get back to you - just got off my 3rd night and the kiddos had school cancelled today - OUCH! Long day. But I'm following you and can't wait to read more and see more of your photography.

Loralee and the gang... said...

Oh yeah.
Blogging is SO much more fun than any of these 'activities'! And, I am getting so much better at making my kids do these chores so I have more time for blogging. And they SHOULD be doing the chores, anyway, right? So it's therapy to help me not be such a "I have to do it all myself so it will get done right" perfectionist!
I love blogging!

Anonymous said...

Mother...I really hope that you don't actually plan on deleting all of the episodes on the DVR. I can help clean that out when I get home...but please. Don't destroy the DVR.

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