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Thursday, November 8, 2012

A few Major events . . .

What a week this has been . . . in spite of the election, I'm not going to be posting any political comments at this point . . .  but they will be coming . . . I'm still trying to formulate them (frazzle frazzle).

But we have had some major events going on around here!

Dustin arrived from Raleigh NC for a visit - and we had 4 whole days together and it was a jam packed 4 days.  Unfortunately, my best camera is in the shop and I'm reserving my next best (ooops! going against my thought of they best camera is the one you have with you . . . but just for the moment) for business only as I can't afford to have another one need work at this moment.

So it's cell phone photos or nothing . . .

Hmm . . . let me think . . . what did we do?

We went out to eat . . .

We went out to eat . . .

Actually, we went out to eat a lot!  Dustin was anxious to try some of the favorite Utah restaurants not available in Raleigh NC.

One thing we did is meet the Grandparents in Cedar City when we went out to eat in Cedar City.  Actually we drove all the way there to have lunch with them . . . then drove all the way back home again!

In fact we discovered a great pizza place on Center Street - 

I highly recommend it! Amongst other things, we had Arugula Pizza - now that's an experience!

Kelsie - arrived home from the college scene on Friday to spend the weekend with us, so it was wonderful to have my oldest and my youngest in the same place at the same time.  It doesn't happen very often.  

We traveled to downtown Salt Lake City to see the new City Creek Center - 

at our favorite place on Main Street - 

The ambiance is amazing . . . . white table cloths, candlelight, great food, reasonable prices.  

we played 
Settler's of Catan

We couldn't wait for a great competitive game night!  And much to everyones amazement - I actually won the second game!  Finally got MY name in the box!

Sadly we had to put him back on the plane - just in time to get back home for the elections.
We love you Dustin - thanks for coming to stay - we'll keep the bed warm for you :)



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Sue said...

Fun with the family is the very best kind!

Glad you had a chance to have two kids home together at once...


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