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Friday, November 9, 2012

And in the After math of the Election . . .

We might not have won the election . . . but I'm not ready to give up on America just yet . . .

For instance today . . . I'm enjoying this!

Have to share these . . .

They are making my day . . .

The Mormonizing of America - Stephen Mansfield
as reviewed by the Huffington Post
(not often you'll see me link anything from HuffPost - usually they are a bit to liberal for my taste . . .  but I must admit - I WAS impressed!)

"What most commentators did not understand was that their "Mormon Moment" was more than a moment, more than an accident, and more than a matter of pop culture and fame alone. The reality was--and is--that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has reached critical mass. It is not simply that a startling number of Mormons have found their way onto America's flat-screen TVs and so brought visibility to their religion. It is that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- day Saints has reached sufficient numbers--and has so permeated every level of American society on the strength of its religious value--that prominent politicians, authors, athletes, actors, newscasters, and even murderers are the natural result, in some cases even the intended result. Visible, influential Mormons aren't outliers or exceptions. They are fruit of the organic growth of their religion."

And for your



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Sue said...

I enjoyed reading that Mormonizing article too. It was pretty good!


Ben said...

"We" might not have won the election is hopefully in reference to Romney voters, not Mormons. Just wonder what you mean here. Beautiful site by the way.

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