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Monday, November 26, 2012

The Christmas Tree . . . a little different this year

Our Christmas Tree . . . well it's a little different this year!  Always and forever we have been the fans of large, tall Christmas trees.  They usually take us all night to decorate and mounds and mounds of Christmas lights and ornaments.

This year is a little different.  We have a corner for the Christmas tree . . . not really even a space, but a corner . . . we knew we had to find something this year (and for always really) that wasn't quite the spectacular tree of Christmas's past.

And we found the perfect tree!  I'm sure everyone always thinks they selected THE perfect tree.  But we really do like it :)  It was decorated with 4 strands of lights (although I did throw away like 4 strands of lights after trying to get them to work for like 5 minutes!) ((YEP! Into the garbage they went after being inspired by this HOUZZ ideabook "How to Light Your Christmas Tree Like a Pro" :))

And I could furnish a room with ornaments that we did not use :)

It's just one more example in my life of how simplification has been a blessing to us . . . I love it more and more every day.

DSC09149-2 kk

xmas tree 2012

Now . . .

If I can just "simplify" the rest of our Christmas plans . . .  that is always the challenge . . .

Backup for a minute here . . .

I have some fun family photos of our Thanksgiving - it was the Klein family Thanksgiving this year and we all had a wonderful dinner at the home of Norm's brother and his wife.  We missed spending the day with all our children - but loved the camaraderie of Klein family games, good food and best of all, the selection of Grandma Klein's pies!  I think there were at least 10ish!

DSC09137 DSC09118-2 DSC09126-2thanksgiving

And here we are . . .

In the midst of the holiday season - it's truly upon us :)

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Sue said...

Yep, the holidays have arrived. And I think your simplification is a great idea.


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