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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Last Leaves of the Year . . .

This last month has flown by . . .

It's been simply amazing to have visited with each of our four children this last month . . . so blessed! It's a rare occasion when that happens.  And we have many photos to catch up with these fun events.

Here's the photo reviews . . .

From Halloween in Ohio . . . with the Donovan's

DSC08492 kk

DSC08501 kk

collage 1

collage 2

DSC08520 kk

DSC08562 kk

And . . .
In other Ohio adventures . . .

(I'm so happy these cell phone photos turned out so well!)



collage 3

collage 4


And then . . .
It was off to Denver for a couple days with Cory & Sara
and a visit to the Denver Aquarium

DSC08734 DSC08783 DSC08956

I'm amazed we ended up with some pretty good photos!
The lighting in the aquarium was so dim . . . but I'm happy they turned out as well as they did!

collage 5 collage 6 collage 7 collage 8 DSC08817 DSC08819 collage 9 collage 10 DSC08856 collage 10
As you can see . . .
We were all fascinated by the amazing
creatures from the deep,
especially Jonathan baby cakes!
DSC08973 kk rdbw DSC08976 kk rdbw
And now . . .
It's back home again
home again . . .
Jiggity Jig!


Greg and Karianne said...

Cute pictures!! That is lucky you got to see everyone!

Sue said...

Adorable family...and I especially love that little giraffe!


PS. If you get a minute, hop over and read my Christmas story poem. I put it up early this year. (Be sure to leave your volume up...the music adds!)

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