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Friday, March 29, 2013

Just my .02 cents worth . . .

 . . . on the controversies of the week . . .

I believe the . . .
Proclamation on the Family to be inspired revelation from God.
The Family is central to the Creator's plan
for the eternal destiny of His dhildren.

 I can point you in the direction of some really
profound thoughts . . .

That I am in agreement with - 

(Middle Age Mormon Man)

(I want to be different, just like Everyone Else)

(The Witherspoon Institute: Public Discourse)


Marianne Henderson said...

Profound. Thank for sharing.

Momza said...

Thanks for sharing these posts! Enjoyed them so much!

Sue said...

On our way to dinner soon, but I'll try to get back here to check them out. Thanks!


tammy said...

Great post. People can justify all they want, but the prophets and the Lord are pretty clear.

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