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Recently returned from serving the people of Honduras for 3 years

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Looking Beyond the Tumultuous . . .

At first glance  - it's very easy to see the turmoil, trouble and tumultuous country that is the nature currently of Honduras.  Many don't get beyond the issues that receive the greatest spotlight, and are more prevalent in the news!

But . . .

WE have been fortunate just recently to spend time with many people who have visited Honduras.  Served in Honduras in one capacity or another.  They all have in common a great love for the people, the culture and the various communities in which they were able to serve.

The more WE learn about Honduras . . .

The more excited we are, and the more we are sure this is where we need to be for the next three years.

We are actually eager to spend the next three years in this extraordinary place . . .

We anticipate . . .

There will be challenges . . .

There will be problems . . .

But we are excited to be involved in the work of sharing the gospel and supporting and directing the missionary work among these humble people who are so teachable.

What we are excited about . . .

On Sunday, March 17 - Honduras will soon dedicate the Church's newest temple.
     Area members who have had to travel 12 hours to the Guatamala City Temple are delighted to have their own temple much closer to where they live.  Temple trips come at a great cost to many - so this will enable many more to enjoy the eternal blessings of the temple.  Even those who aren't members of the church are pleased to have such a beautiful building in their country!

There are currently 3 missions in Honduras . . . the Tegucigalpa mission, the Comayaguela Mission, the San Pedro Sula mission.  AND a 4th is being created on July 1 - when the San Pedro Sula Mission will be divided into the San Pedro Sula East Mission and the San Pedro Sula West Mission.

What a blessing for the members there as the work continues to go forth!

Our sweet catracho language tutor from the MTC was so tender hearted when we shared our assigned destination and the dividing and creation of a new mission.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints maintains a strong presence in Honduras!
     The first branch was created in 1953, by 1990 there were nine Stakes and 10 Districts.  By the year 2000, 20 Stakes, 11 Districts, 127 wards, and 92 branches operated.  While active membership is somewhere between 15% and 20% of the members .  . . . you can see there is much work to be done in the way of reactivation and convert retention.  The number of Honduran members serving missions appears to have increased the last few years.  Right now the number of Americans serving in Honduras makes up about 1/3 of the missionary force.  Local leaders in the church are increasingly assuming almost all responsibility in administering in the congregations of Stakes, Wards, Districts and Branches.

On June 1, 1991 Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Twelve dedicated Honduras for the preaching of the gospel. The prayer of dedication was offered on a mountain called El Pecacho (The Peak). El Pecacho is a 5,000-foot mountain that towers above the capital city of Tegucigalpa. Also ascending the mountain were Elder Rex D. Pinegar, Elder Gardner H. Russell, and about fifty local leaders. In the prayer he ask the Lord that "the people might be receptive to the teachings of the Lord and that the land itself might be blessed to be prosperous and productive, and be preserved." Elder Nelson added: "I never set foot on any place in the Americas -- North, Central, or the South American continent but that I realize that somewhere along these precincts are the people who tread the paths of those of Book of Mormon history... Things will be better now that this dedication has taken place. I look forward to a re-committing of resources and faith on the part of the people to make the Church even stronger than ever before." 


And in other awesome info about Honduras . . .
(and why we can't wait to have an opportunity to become part of this culture for
three years :)

In Pre-columbian times, the Mayan culture flourished in Honduras for hundreds
of years.  You can visit many ruins that remain throughout the country. With some of the 
most famous at Copán.

The country is host to these items of particular interest . . .

630 species of Orchids
250 reptiles an amphibians
more than 700 bird species
110 mammal species.
(If you know Kristin . . . you'll know why THIS is significant!!)

Honduras has . . .
cloud forests
(which can rise up to nearly 3000 meters above sea level)
(a type of foliage recognized by the prolific roots, home to many specific species
and a wealth of organic life)
(grasslands with scattered trees - again home to specific animal life)
Mountain ranges with pine and oak trees,
gorgeous national parks.

Encompasses the . . .
Bay Islands - with their reefs, and wild life - 
bottle nose dolphins, manta rays, parrot fish . . .

Amongst all this,
we still anticipate the richest gift will be the people.

The people and the missionaries.

For more perspective on the missionary work in Honduras
we have discovered these sites:


Sue said...

I am really excited for you both. And for the missionaries you will serve!


mCat said...

I have a feeling you will LOVE it. Luke's bff companion comes from Honduras and he speaks of it so lovingly. What an exciting adventure

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