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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Soup . . . Good for the Heart & Soul

This is really the Weight Watchers Zero Point Soup -

This soup is so easy, you can put it together in a few minutes, just chop your veggies and gather the rest of the ingredients . . . That's why I make it all the time. It goes really well with whole wheat bread or rolls, and you have a meal. With these ingredients it's obviously "heart healthy" and a bowl of hot soup is always good for the soul!

EVOO (Extra virgin olive oil)
Chicken broth
Chicken Bullion
Garlic Powder
Salt Pepper
Italian Seasoning
Green Cabbage
Green Beans
Stewed Tomatoes / Diced Tomatoes - actually any kind

I've made it without the recipe for so long, I'll just tell you how I do it.

Chop one onion into a pan with a large amount (how ever much you want) of sliced carrots and celery. Add about 4T EVOO and stir on medium heat for like 5 minutes until vegetables soften. I also add about 3t. garlic powder to this mix and let it cook for a few minutes.

Then I add two cans of chicken broth, about another 2-3 cups of water, 3T of chicken bullion, and like about 5C. of chopped green cabbage, and 3t. of Italian Seasoning.

Then I put two 15oz cans of a tomato product (stewed, diced etc) into the blender and blend just for a few seconds, then add it to the soup. If my green beans are frozen, I add them now, like 2 cups. If they are canned I add them at the end.

Simmer the soup for like 30 minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste. Add two sliced zucchini and cook for about 5 more minutes. If I have time, I will saute the zucchini in EVOO first until browned, or you can just throw them in.

That's all!

I found this great link, it's a website for healthy veggie recipes and it also has a real recipe, very similar to mine -

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Dani said...

ooo, yum. I love soup. Especially with LOTS of veggies. I think Kurt would like this too.

PS - I just saw that you're a nurse. So is my mother and her dinner time stories are the reason I'm an accountant. Ha!

nichole said...

I make that soup too. It's the only way I can get Greg to eat zucchini. And thanks for the link. It looks like it has some great recipes.

Mrs. Mordecai said...

Yummy! That sounds a lot like a soup I used to make almost every week. Evidently I should start making it again!

Melissa said...

That sounds sooo good :) My mom used to make a cabbage soup and I never remembered the recipe. So I will be trying this out for sure. :) Thank you for sharing about it.

Carla said...

this looks so good, and easy, and healthy! Think we may have this for supper tonight. Thanks for sharing:)

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