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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Still . . . Head Over Heels

Valentines day
was wonderful!

How can you go wrong with a day set aside to express your love to all those you love the most? So in honor of the day - here is a tribute to the one I love the most!

(who spoils me - and I love it!)

What I Like About You -
You bring me hot cocoa with whip cream in bed every morning.
You make wicked caramel popcorn.

You let me snuggle up to you at night with freezing fingers and toes.
You squeegee down the shower!
Your side of the closet is so neat and orderly.
You love to have friends and family over to the house.
You are handsome.
You let me have TWO dogs and TWO cats.
You make fantastic omelets.
You buy me MOOSE TRACKS ice cream.
You always serve with all your heart, might, mind and strength.
I love your gorgeous blue eyes.
You are a fantastic houseboat capitan at Lake Powell.

I seldom do dishes.
You still scoop the doggie doo even though I say I'm going to do it . . .
I always find the cubbie in my car full of quarters.
You never complain about the birdseed all over the tidy backyard.
You look dashing with gray hair.
Our children have the best good example of a husband and father there could ever be.
You're concerned about being healthy.
You've really saved us so much money over the years.
(not to be confused with all the money I SAVE by buying STUFF on sale)
You bought me a MacBook Pro and yourself a Dell.
You teach gospel principals in everything you do.
You love Paris almost as much as I do.

I'm so glad you've been my VALENTINE these last 28 1/6 years.

Love you!


Lauren said...

Wow, hot cocoa every morning huh? What a guy. We kinda like your husband too. Thank you for sharing all those sweet things.

Karianne said...

Ah cute mom...

Keriann said...

I'm so glad that you enjoyed my blog. Thanks for leaving your kind note.

Your blog is beautiful and has such a warm and "homey" feel to it. I'll be over to visit you, too :)


p.s. Love this post! Too sweet :)

Kate said...

Great tribute to your sweetheart. He sounds great.

It Feels Like Chaos said...

This is so sweet. My husband and I will hit the 10 year mark in a few months and I pray that at 28 1/2 years we'll have a relationship like it seems you and your husband have! What a blessing for your children to see! My parents had a terrible marriage so I love examples of how it can be a great and lasting love!

Carla said...

What a WONDERFUL tribute! Sounds like you are all set up for a year round Valentine's day:)

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