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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

And Then it Rained and Rained . . .

I think when I checked the weather about three days ago I remember vaguely something about scattered afternoon thundershowers over the next three days. And I did watch those afternoon dark storm clouds move in each day and they were really beautiful. Especially since I was home working in the yard, doing chores inside, or running errands. I mean I could tell that while it never actually rained down on me, somewhere off in the distance, it was raining down on somebody. The perfect kind of afternoon thundershowers . . .

Unless of course it happens to decide to rain down upon you, in the middle of family home evening. When you are at the top of a mountain about 5 miles from home. And everyone is in tennis shoes, t-shirts and shorts, with not a hoodie to be found. And you have the neighbors children with you, while their parents are spending three weeks in China. Of course, we were wearing totally appropriate hiking attire for temperatures in the mid 80's on the outset of the hike. Did anyone think to check, remember or recall the forecast for the TOP of the mountain?

(Here we are all nice and dry at the beginning of the hike - hardly a cloud in the sky)

(Oh no! You can start to see the storm clouds gathering in the background here)

This particular Monday afternoon we thought the perfect FHE activity would be a hike to Horse Tail Falls. A beautiful hike, just about straight up the mountain above Alpine about 1500 feet. We usually do it a couple times each summer and it is so much fun. Well today proved to be no exception. It just became a little bit more of an adventure than usual.

(Greg was the only one who could manage to just JUMP over the creek, the rest of us had to use the old standby log bridge)

It was fun, and it was gorgeous. And we all got an exceptional cardio work out at the same time! We had to forge the rushing creek many times and all had the opportunity to perfect our log walking skills. After about two hours of a straight up vertical climb, we were just approaching the actual water falls where the water rushes down the mountain so loudly you can't hear a thing. But we DID hear the thunder start crashing! It began crashing all around us and soon the rain was pouring down in sheets. We tried to take cover temporarily under some trees and rocks, but soon figured we better high tail it down the mountain before the lightning found us also. The last place you want to be during a lightning storm is the top of a mountain.

(here we are attempting to hide under a tree, somehow thinking the rain would stop if we waited, but it was just getting darker and darker)

Fortunately, we all arrived safe and sound back home, big, sloshy, soggy, muddy freezing cold messes.sometimes you just can't plan this much fun. It turned into an adventure that we won't forget for a long time.


Victoria said...

Wow! That IS an adventure! Last year our stake youth conference turned into just that kind of adventure. We were on a pioneer trek, and freezing rain made it far more interesting (and shorter--haha!) than it might have been. I'm glad you all got down the mountain!

Joy For Your Journey said...

What a memorable hike!! At least you can add another story to your adventure memories. Glad you all got down safely though. I love the rain. We don't get it very often here.

Thanks also for your email with added details about the Life of Pi. I too like to think the first story is a true one. I will put your other book on my list to read this summer. Thanks for the suggestion.

Jan the crazy lady said...

That was like going to the jungle but not. How fun for all of you really. You will never forget this one :)

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