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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This Week in my Garden . . .

Well, actually I kind of hate to admit how far behind I am in the gardening sector of my life at the moment. Every spring my goal is to have the garden all planted in it's completeness by the end of May at the very latest. And here it is now into June already and I'm running a bit behind.

I don't know why really, it could be the wedding plans that seem to consume a good part of my day and my thoughts. It could be my house which is a disaster scene and I somehow think I should vacuum up the dog hair before someone mistakes one of us for the black lab. It also could be the pile of church assignments on top of my desk that I really wanted to have completed and handed out to people last week. Ok, they're done and going out first thing tomorrow - for sure!

Who know's . . .

Probably it has something to do with the height and abundance of the weeds I've let get out of control. I really have to hand it to my kind and ever so sweet hubby who got out there for me and tilled them all under. What would I do without him! Now I can get all those seeds in the ground where they will sprout and grow and become a beautiful part of my life and yard this summer.

It's so easy to let the weeds take over our lives. Just coast along on auto pilot for about a week and watch what happens . . . do you have weeds in your life? Those things that interfere and compete with the good things in life for nutrients and our time.

In my life it's the first week of summer now that the school year is behind us. Our schedule for scripture reading and family prayer has been unusual and scattered at best. I've been on a sugar diet for the last three days, I always have a hard time putting the sugar away after that happens. My usually consistent 4 mile daily walk has been postponed several times this week due to other distractions. Those weeds are getting pretty tall . . .

Wish my good hubby could come along and squash these weeds for me as well, but it's all up to me and tomorrow's another day!

Time to put the sugar away, realign priorities, pull the weeds and get the garden planted.

This is my little visitor who keeps cheering me on. I think everyone needs one of these.


Carolyn said...

I am really struggling with sugar too. I feel like such a hypocrite trying to deny my kids when I can hardly control myself! I eat it pretty much every day!


Jan the crazy lady said...

Inch by inch, life's a cinch, yard by yard, life is hard.

So I guess I am saying to you, inch it in the yard. It will get done. Have a great week.

Victoria said...

I have a lot of weeds right now... sigh... I'm working on them, too. Good luck!

Momza said...

Weeds are such time-suckers too, aren't they?
Both in the garden and in real life.
I have found out for myself tho, if I want a clean garden or a clean heart, I have to get on my knees either way.
Wow. Did you see that? Gosh, I almost sound profound.

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