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Thursday, June 4, 2009

And the World Goes Around and Around

Hmmmm . . . thinking . . . . don't know if I can begin to even blog this one . . .

I got online today to figure out how to make an apron. My daughter is leaving for trek (I'll have to detail that later for those who don't really get the trek thing) next week and she
needs an apron.

I took a little detour to stop by and visit the Momshell today (she had a bad day a couple back) and was reading a comment on her post from Victoria about how she thought I'd drop anything and get in my car if one of her kids here in Utah needed something (and I would Victoria!)

Which got me thinking that a blogger I read recently was from Ohio. Dang, who was that blogger that was from Ohio? Because now, I have a daughter that is moving to Ohio. Karianne and Greg are moving to Columbus after they get married in August. (It will be my newest fun place to visit I'm sure!)

Then I remembered, I think it was Kristy, from Momedy. That lovely blogger who wrote all the deliciously wonderful and nice stuff about me on her "Fabulous Follower Friday" blog. So I moved on over Kristy's way to see if I was right, and see if she truly is in Ohio . . . and she is . . . in Ohio . . . (and isn't Kristy gorgeous!)

Where I got distracted by reading all of her other "Fabulous Follower Friday" posts (because who can pass up a recommendation to read a really great blog?) and found this wonderful information for making an apron from Laurel at "Ducks in a Row". Thank you Lauren, so glad you made that lovely apron:)

Oh! That's right! I have got to make an apron!

Like I said - it just keeps going around.

(okay, okay - I'm coming back around to return all the photos I borrowed . . . )


Jan the crazy lady said...

So cute. Love aprons.

I love the pics. All of those ladies seem fabulous. I love Victoria.

Shewinn8 said...

Loved the blog! It almost scared me half to death though when my ugly mug popped up. lol lol But it is such a true sentiment and I almost felt like we all did lunch together. BTW: if we were neighbors then I could just walk down the street and bring you the whole pioneer outfit that my mom made for Peanut. I also have a complete Book of Mormon outfit as well. If you ever get sick of those beautiful mountains.....I know where there is a house for sale down here in hot humid flat Texas. lol Have a beautiful day.

Victoria said...

Oh man... you should just send me your address and I'll send you a skirt...an apron... a bonnet...bloomers... You name it, I have it. I am a fully-stocked pioneer woman. Our ill-fated trek last year ended within a few hours due to freezing rain and no way to get 300 kids dry and warm!

Reeses Pieces said...

Did you get your apron made? We leave to go on trek the same day as your Ward. I just made my pioneer clothes. But that apron in your pic is much cuter than mine.

Kate said...

I hope you were able to finish it. I bet she will have a great time.

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