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Friday, June 12, 2009

This Month is Such a Special One . . .

This month is such a special one,
it's birthday time for you . . .

We'd really like to celebrate
this happy day with you!

So zippity ay and heigh dee ho
there's something we can do . . .

We'll sing a song that we all know

That's me, singing my favorite birthday song to a couple of the favorite men in my life.

Today is Norm's birthday, he's one past the big one today. I know sometimes he wondered if he'd ever last this long. Thankfully for me, I finally think he's outgrown the motorcycle riding, the skydiving and the holding your breath under water in a bucket game.

(a very old photo I dug up from 1977 when Norm used to jump out of airplanes with his best friend Scott)

Tuesday - it was the birthday of my first born. An experience that never fails to fill a parent with wonder, somehow just one notch above the wonderment of each proceeding childbirth experience. Dustin and Cami celebrated all by their lonesomes in Raleigh North Carolina. I don't know if they missed us (I understand they made homemade ice cream!) but we celebrated and we certainly missed them. I love that Cami blogged about it! (Happy Birthday - Dustin) Now if I can just figure out this webcam thing and the skype thing . . .

(Another birthday, a very long time ago . . . like 25 years ago)

And so . . . best wishes for these two special men in my life.

Happy Birthday to you!
And may you accomplish all your greatest desires for this upcoming new year.


Jan the crazy lady said...

So is this like a happy happy birthday birthday :)

What a great week.

Lauren said...

Happy Birthday Norm! I am sorry that we forgot. Things have been a little crazy around here, but still, we are so sorry!

Kate said...

Happy birthday. Love the pictures from way back when. I have three birthdays in our family within one week and it is the first part of June. Have a great week.

Joy For Your Journey said...

Happy Birthday to your men! And now that I have survived the "big one" I am wondering when your birthday is.

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