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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Grrrr! It's snowing outside!

Spring in Utah = Bi-Polar

with the emphasis on Polar!!

It's snowing outside . . .

bare pots

Flowers!! in pots


I feel so much better now . . .


Pedaling said...

here's to hoping to a better, warmer,snowfree May!

Sue said...


"bipolar, with the emphasis on polar"..

Love that!

M-Cat said...

Mother Nature needs to go back on her meds. This is getting depressing

Amy said...

This weather is no longer bordering on ridiculous, it has long since passed over. Thank heavens tomorrow is going to be nice... right before it gets cold and stormy again.

Joy For Your Journey said...

Beautiful pictures!! And if it makes you feel better, we are at 97 degrees today. That is much too warm for April, I think. Too bad we can't average our temperatures. :-)

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