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Friday, December 11, 2009

Give me a Hand Today!

Hello there,

Just asking for everyones assistance today.

I seldom do this, but an organization that we love can benefit from your help.

It's called Guide Dogs for the Blind. One of their fundraising arms entitled "Tee Off For Dogs" needs your vote today in the CHASE COMMUNITY charitable donations event on Facebook. It is run by our good friend Frank Frand who has one of the puppies we raised as his guide dog companion. He works so hard trying to give back to guide dogs and has founded this wonderful opportunity.

Please take a minute and click on the badge to the right and vote for TEE OFF FOR DOGS.

Thank you so much!


Carolyn said...

Ok, I voted. I hope they win!

tammy said...

What a great thing. Gonna vote right now!

Clairity said...

Would've voted but oops, I'm not on Facebook, sorry. Hope they win :)

blueviolet said...

I voted!

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