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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Beautiful Easter Day

It is a beautiful Easter day in Alpine.  Which is saying a lot right now because the SUN is actually shining and my grass is getting green outside my window.  Makes me wish I had a pack of little children to go hunt Easter egggs!

(which is actually a tongue in cheek joke around my home! - ha! - because my children all thanked me this year for not making them hunt for Easter eggs for the first Easter EVER in their lives! - they are now 26, 23, 20 and 17 and have ALWAYS had to hunt for Easter eggs on Easter in the past)

I hope everyone has had the opportunity to read and partake of the 1st Presidency's Easter message.  If not you can read their message here, and I hope you have a few quiet moments to do so today.  Be sure to watch their inspired and wonderful Easter video which brings the Atonement into our lives, for and in behalf of each and every one of us!  

Happy Easter - from me . . .


susette said...

Yay for green grass. I love it! My big boys informed me they were too big to hunt eggs AFTER I filled up the plastic eggs with all kinds of candy. So, there they set on the counter in a cute Easter bowl. We told them to hide them and let me and daddy find them. We are thinking our kids are thinking we've gone plain looney.

Well, Happy Easter to you and your family :)

Shewinn8 said...

I am so glad to hear that you hung in there so long with the Easter egg hunts. This was the FIRST year we didn't color Easter eggs and I am still out of sorts. I don't miss the mess but I so miss the colorful photos and the laughter. It's weird to try and make the adjustment. Really enjoyed the video. Happy Easter! :)

Rosalyn-Sue said...

Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog...I, too, love sleeping babies...especially since mine rarely sleeps long :) A few comments -- LOVE your kitchen! It's absolutely to die for. And the elk were amazing -- it reminds me of my time in Wyoming this past summer. Lastly, you sound like a Mom after my own heart -- I'm sure I'll still be holding easter egg hunts for baby boy when he's 30+ years old. Thanks for sharing with all of us in "blogland".



H.E.Eigler said...

just wanted to pop by and say thanks for visiting Maternal Spark. I'm glad you enjoyed your Easter weekend!

Holly said...

Thanks for stopping by. I think this talk is going to end up being one for the ages. And the video version rocks.

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