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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Smooth Moves

It's "What's for Breakfast?" today!

We're just in the mood for something healthy but different than the cold ceral routine we frequent on a busy mornings.

During the summers of plenty, we harvest fresh peaches from the trees and fresh raspberries from the garden and keep them handy for breakfast smoothies.  Also, a great thing to do with the bananas once they're a little past their prime, is just take them out of the skins and pop them into the freezer in zipper baggies to add to smoothies.  You can add a little flax seed, and fiber to increase the nutritional value even more.

I try to keep the sugar down, but we did use orange juice and a little sherbet today.  Usually it would be sugar-free low fat yogurt with a little skim milk and we'd skip the sherbet and juice.

Smoothies for Two

1 C. frozen peaches
1 C. frozen raspberries
1 frozen banana
3 t. fiber
3 t. flax seed
1 C. orange juice (or skim milk)
1/2 C. frozen sherbet of your choice (or one 6-oz lowfat sugar free yogurt)
Garnish with a little mint from the garden


So yummy!


CompleteLee Blogger said...

The smoothies look very appealing! Thanks for stopping by my blog again. You always leave cute, clever comments that are fun to read. Thanks!

Jeanette said...

This looks good. I am not much of a cold cereal eater so I am always looking for yummy breakfast alternatives.

Life with Kaishon said...

They look very pretty and summery as can be : ). Thanks for this great recipe!

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

This looks wonderfully yummy! Thanks for sharing the recipe and linking up to TMTT. I am glad you joined us. I hope you keep coming back! I enjoyed spending some time looking at your blog.

Jerri - Simply Sweet Home said...

Your smoothies look very appetizing. I love the color.

Pam said...

Those look so good. I thing I will make these to see if I can tempt my kids to eat breakfast.

Brenda said...

I put flax in my smoothies but I never thought of putting fiber in, great idea!

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