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Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Uniform and other Random Stuff

Does anyone else have an actual uniform they get up and put on each and every morning? I try not to, I really really do. Sometimes I put on my jeans, just to dress up a little, and try to coordinate an actually matching top that could possibly be classified as cute.

I mean for me, JEANS are dressing up. I have like 5 different pairs that each have a purpose. There are the everyday jeans for everyday dressing up. You know the ones, you can actually bend over and scrub the tub and crawl around on the floor, and dust the blinds where like the dust absolutely goes everywhere.

Then, there's the pair that look a little nicer for if I actually have to go out of the house, like to the grocery store or run errands. I keep one pair of jeans that look really cute with my boots, so I usually save those for lunches out with friends, or book group or something like that.

I have ONE fantastic pair that actually make me look just a LITTLE bit skinny - soooooo THOSE are saved for the most SPECIAL of occasions, like a movie date or out to dinner with the husband. I think I tried on 37 different jeans the day I found those . . .

Otherwise, I pretty much look like this,
in the uniform . . .
Hoody and sweatpants.

Oh there's my husband calling,
I know it's him, it's his ring tone. His ring tone by the way - is my favorite romantic song, so I love it whenever he calls. It's "Only Hope" from A Walk to Remember by Switchfoot.

Since I'm on the subject, when my friend, Laurie calls, it's "Who Can It Be Now" because she laughed hysterically the first time she heard it play, I've kept it assigned to her name ever since. (Men At Work)

When my daughter calls it's "Dimelo", Enrique Iglesias, you know the one, the Ping Pong song, except in Spanish. Believe me the Spanish version is so great! We fell in love with it when we were in Ecuador last summer. (Caution: video may not be totally appropriate, lots of girls in swimsuits!)

Random calls elicit the theme song from "The Office", Except, I think someone is calling every time the videos get started in the DVD player.

Oh! I think I hear your phone ringing . . . what kinda music are you playing?


Joy For Your Journey said...

I look forward to seeing your "keeping it real" photo. I thought about tagging you but all your pictures look so cute, I figured catching you off guard would just produce the same. :-) That is funny what you say about a uniform. My husband has a pair of pants and a shirt he wears all the time (after he comes home from work). Whenever I see him I say, "Oh, I see you have your uniform on again." And as for a ring tone . . . I have "The Bare Necessities" from Jungle Book. It is my reminder to keep life simple!

Jackie said...

Skinny skinny! Skinny people are not allowed to make skinny jokes if they are skinny ALL of the time!

My phone defaults to the office too.
If it's Lincoln it's Safety Dance by men at work.
It it's my mom, it's we can work it out, by the Beatles.

susette said...

I love to wear jeans and unfortunately I just wear whatever will fit. I wish I had so many options as you.
A few cell phone rings I enjoy are The Titanic Theme from one of my sons. My youngest son writes music and so one of his is used for his ring. Colbie Callait is a favorite and she is the default for most calls.

Fun post!

Lori said...

Is it so bad that put ON pajama pants when I wake up. And if it's cold, I grab a long sleeve tee, and if it's hot, I wear a printed tee. Yesterday, after I got back from running errands w/ my baby, my husband came home for lunch and said, "Where have you been?" I said, "How'd you know I left?" He said, "You're in jeans."

Also, for when my husband calls, it's his voice saying, "Hey, Lori, pick up the phone. It's your husband Jonathan. Come on pick it up. Lori, 'tis I. 'Tis I, Lori. Please pick up the phone. Are you ignoring me? Don't ignore your husband." lol. It makes me smile every time.

Carolyn said...

Jeans all the time. With a t-shirt. It's my mom dress code. I used to wear suits and dress pants to work all the time, now they gather dust. I don't wear sweat pants much because they are very very hard to find in talls. They make tall jeans, but have decided that tall girls do not need comfy pants.

As for cell phone rings...lol. I need to do that secretly with my husband's phone.

Anonymous said...

hey, I love jeans too, but not sweatpants, they are not very common in France.. I just posted my favorite romantic song of the moment on my blog today! Let's see if you like it ;)
happy Easter :)

Kate said...

I love the picture!! I love my jeans too. It is hard to find just the right ones though. Have a super weekend.

Victoria said...

My uniform is jeans and a long-sleeved v-neck t-shirt. Probably from J. Crew:) since I have them in every color they make, except the nasty green colors that make me look like one of the bad guys in a Dr. Seuss book. I guess I am pretty predictable!

You are so cute...I love your fun hair...you probably never take a bad picture!

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